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Women's cowboy boots

Discover the perfect style with our selection of cowboy boots at JoDis Shoes. Our collection offers a wide range of women's and men's cowboy boots in a variety of colors, including elegant brown and timeless black cowboy boots.

For the modern woman looking for style and durability, our range of women's cowboy boots offer an exquisite balance between fashion and functionality. Our selection incorporates different styles that are perfect for any occasion.

Where did the cowboy boots come from?

Cowboy boots have a deep-rooted history that stretches back to the 19th century and have become a symbol of both functionality and style. Originally developed to meet the harsh conditions and needs of those who worked on ranches and in the Wild West, these boots have evolved into an iconic fashion item.

The early form of cowboy boots were created by Spanish and Mexican horsemen and were known for their high shafts that protected the legs from barbed wire, vegetation and the dangers of riding. During the 19th century, these boots, with their pointed toes and heels, became integrated into cowboy culture in the United States, where they became an indispensable tool for cowboys working on ranches and driving cattle.

However, it wasn't just functionality that made cowboy boots popular. Their unique design and symbolism made them stand out. From the distinctive pointed toe and heel that made it easier to slip in and out of the stirrups, to decorations such as embroidery and patterns, each boot had its own visual expression.

Over the years, cowboy boots have gone from being workwear to becoming a fashion statement. They have found their way into both popular culture and the catwalk and remain a timeless symbol of western style and ruggedness. With their ability to adapt to different trends and fashion periods, cowboy boots remain an integral part of modern fashion and a reminder of their deep history and heritage from the Wild West.

From Spain to the USA

Cowboy boots are iconic and associated with the legendary western look from movies like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". Originally, these boots were actually part of the vaquero tradition that originated in Spain and spread to Mexico before reaching the United States. Originally designed as work tools for equestrians, cowboy boots are now a fashion phenomenon with two primary styles: the classic western boot and the roper boot.

The classic western boot has a high shaft, typically mid-calf or higher, and an angled heel. The Roper boot, on the other hand, is shorter with a shaft that reaches just above the ankle or mid-calf, and it has an angular heel that sets it apart from the traditional model. While the design of the western boot has changed slightly since its popularity, it still retains its iconic look, including the pointed toe that was introduced in the 1940s and cemented the boot's status as a fashion accessory.

From being a simple work tool, cowboy boots have evolved into a stylish statement that not only appeals to men, but also to women who want to add a little western flair to their look. Discover our selection of cowboy boots and add some cowboy charm to your wardrobe.

Black and brown cowboy boots

Whether you're looking for a pair of classic brown cowboy boots or prefer the stylish look of black cowboy boots, you'll find a wide selection of designs to complement your personal style here with us. Our popular Emina model is available in both brown and black .

Our cowboy boots are made with quality materials and ensure both style and comfort. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair for everyday wear or for a special occasion, our collection of cowboy boots is the ideal choice.

Long and short cowboy boots

Our collection of cowboy boots embraces the diversity of styles and lengths to suit every taste and occasion. The short cowboy boots exude a subtle elegance and add a touch of raw western charm to any outfit. With their typically lower shaft and compact design, they emphasize the ankles in a refined way and offer a more relaxed and versatile option. Perfect for everyday use and more relaxed events. The silhouette itself is narrower than our general boots .

On the other hand, our long cowboy boots are an iconic expression of strength and tradition. With their characteristic high shaft, often extending above the calf or even the knee, they emphasize the length of the leg and add an impressive statement to any outfit. Ideal for more formal occasions, these boots create a striking statement that grabs attention and adds a touch of authentic western style. Especially in 2023, the cowboy trend has returned - Read more about this here .

Whether you prefer the short or long length, our collection of cowboy boots offers a perfect combination of craftsmanship, style and comfort, embracing the timeless aesthetic and charm of this iconic footwear.

Pointed or square toe cowboy boots?

Our collection of cowboy boots captures different design elements that include both pointed toe and square toe boots. The pointed toe boots represent a sleek and classic aesthetic. With their elegant, pointed nose, they create a sophisticated expression that adds finesse to any outfit. These boots are ideal for those who prefer a slim and stylish silhouette that compliments both formal and casual looks.

On the other hand, our square toe boots exude a more robust and authentic western style. With their angular toe, they offer a roomier and more comfortable fit to the toes while maintaining the iconic cowboy vibe. These boots are perfect for those looking for a more relaxed and traditional feel with a touch of authenticity.

In addition to the choice between pointed and square toe boots, our collection also includes a diverse selection of patterns that adorn the boot shaft. From classic embroideries and traditional stitching to more modern and artistic details, these patterns add depth, character and individuality to each boot. Whether it's a simple and elegant pattern or a more complex design, these patterns create a unique visual expression that highlights the beauty and craftsmanship of the boots.

Our design-focused approach ensures that each cowboy boot in our collection is not just a piece of footwear, but a work of art, combining tradition, style and individuality in a unique way

Different styles of cowboy boot models

Cowboy boots come in several different types. We have our classic " Emina " boots, but also other models that stand out. Our latest model " Destroy West " has been really well received! With the chunky sole and higher shaft, it attracts attention on the street, especially in the beautiful silver color. The collaboration with the Icelandic DJ "Dóra Júlia" was also inspired by the popular western style. In this case, though, with a little more pow on the colors, which quickly sold out. The collection can be found here .

Upgrade your wardrobe with our fashionable cowboy boots and add a touch of western charm to your outfit.

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