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JoDi's boots

JoDis Shoes st övle collections consist of both classic and clean styles st drills , but also st trainers that stick out and are both trendy but also different. We love when people dare to stand out. St trainers are therefore a must-have in everyone's autumn and winter wardrobe. We believe that one of the best things there is to get down in a pair of winter boots, where both comfort, quality and design play well together.

There are many different types of boots. There are both the long ones st slippers and the short ones st boots , those with and without laces, those that go to the ankle, to the knee, cowboy st övler , chelsea st boots , western boots and many more. We love when a little color and style comes to our boots. Because even if we can't get enough of black boots, boots, both tall and low in metallic, green, orange, red or blue can do something completely different. Boots are also the type of women's shoes that are easiest to use all year round. Because they go with both dresses and trousers - and when it gets cold, you find winter boots with lining .

JoDis long boots

As most people have noticed, the long-handled boot is back in fashion and although long-handled boots can be both classic and traditional, they can also complete all looks.

JoDi's long boots come in many different models and colors and you can, for example, style them together with a nice dress, or use them over a pair of leggings with a soft, oversized sweater for a more casual autumn look.

Take a look at our selection of long shank boots here and our western cowboy boots here

JoDi's chunky boots

Over the last few years, more and more chunky boots have appeared on the street and at fashion fairs around the world - and we think it's so cool! JoDis has made a number of boots that fall under the term chunky . As described, these models are designed with more solid, heavy and voluminous soles than the classic styles. The chunky boots from JoDis have been very popular in the last few years and we think that trend will continue for some time to come. At JoDis there is a wide selection of nice chunky boots in different models. You can e.g. find chunky models among our booties and ankle boots . There are also chunky models among our long boots in different colors and materials. . So if you are considering getting a new pair of boots, you should include the chunky models in your considerations.

You will find our chunky boots here

Where can you find our boots?

Are you looking for a new pair? st øvler , then we have here put together a selection of the absolute most delicious st boots, which can both give your wardrobe a new look and keep your feet warm all winter. Explore the selection of JoDis st practice and find your favorite among the popular handmade ones st slippers, which are produced in our family-owned factory in Portugal.

Are you looking for st slippers with high heels, we also have the best selection you can find here . All JoDis st slippers are made of genuine leather of the highest quality and designed with comfort and fit as the most important detail. We believe it is important that you can have yours st practices for a whole day or a whole evening without thinking about it.

Shop all your favorites from JoDis Shoes here , and get free shipping, no matter how much you order.

You can also be inspired by all the delicious and cool styles we have designed together with our wonderful influencer guest designers such as Filippa Juhler , Andrea Röfn , Elisabet Gunnars, Lisbeth Østergaard , Dóra Júlia , Anna Moestrup , GDRN and Masha Vang .

Women's shoes in all shapes, colors and widths!

Women love boots! It is the perfect footwear to keep the feet warm in cold weather and at the same time give a modern look. At JoDis, we have a large collection of boots in many different styles and colors, so you can find exactly the boot that suits your taste and style.

If you are looking for a boot in a narrow model, we have a large selection of narrow boots in colors such as black, brown and grey. They are perfect to wear under skinny jeans or leggings for a stylish and modern look.

However, if you are looking for a boot with a wider fit, we also have a wide selection of boots in wider models in colors such as red, blue and green. These boots are perfect to wear with a dress or an oversized sweater for a casual, relaxed style.

Whether you're looking for a boot in a narrow or wide fit, and whether you prefer a boot in a neutral color or a more vibrant color, we've got something for every taste and style. All our boots are made from quality materials and are designed to be both comfortable and durable so you can wear them year after year.

Visit our online store today and discover our amazing selection of women's boots! We have boots for every occasion, so you can find the perfect boot to match your unique style. If you are looking for a good offer, you may be lucky and make a bargain under our offers category .